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  • Every Ticket costs you 45€

    Save up to 18€ with Saltabo!

  • Knowledge Management

    Reduce number of Tickets by 20%



Business Request Management
Flexible UI

With Saltabo you don’t have to leave the UI to customize it. Add fields, remove them or set them to display only. Change the values of selections or add external data sources. All of this in the blink of an eye.

Flexible Processes

We deliver a ready to use system. Adjust it on the fly to your needs. Our powerful, yet simple rule engine lets you configure your processes with unmatched ease and accuracy.

Unmatched Performance

Ticket Creation, Searching, Reporting – everything in Realtime with virtually no lag!

Pay per Use

We believe that you should only be charged for a service that you use. Saltabo has no base fee and no user license fee. We charge purely based on volume.

Best Solution Cloud Computing

Our Latest News

Best Solution Cloud Computing
Saltabo is proud winner of the Innovation Price IT (Innovationspreis-IT) of the Initiative Mittelstand!